For the past two years, Guinness has invited Sinead O’Connor to sing at its Irish Fest at Randalls Island in New York. The good news is that O’Connor has not sported her usual animosity towards Catholicism. The bad news is that others have.

On June 13, a female singer in one of the bands, Chumbawumba, appeared on stage dressed as a nun with Rosary beads around her neck, shouting, “Any Catholics out there?” During the song, she danced around stage swinging the Rosary Beads while grabbing her crotch and chugging a can of beer. Repeatedly, she used her middle finger to bless herself with the Sign of the Cross. One of our members, Ed Myers, let her have it, and so did his friends. The wonder is why other Irish Catholics didn’t chim in.

The Catholic League is protesting this incident to the coordinator of the event.

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