Bill Donohue comments on Irish Central’s defense of anti-Catholicism:

Anyone who is vaguely familiar with Irish Central knows it is a pro-Irish, anti-Catholic, website. It regularly trashes the Catholic Church’s teachings on sexuality, and is the leading force seeking to rip the Catholic roots from the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Now it is defending anti-Catholicism.

Dan Savage is a raging anti-Catholic bigot, something we pointed out this week in the New York Times. But to Irish Central, he is a poor, misunderstood, gay activist. Though he uses words so vulgar that no respectable media outlet would print them, his gutter-talk is defended by Irish Central: it says he is a “satirist” who is “rightfully mad as hell” at the Church. Importantly, Savage’s filthy mouth is not directed at just anyone: he savages the Eucharist, the Virgin Mary, popes, cardinals, and priests in the most vile terms imaginable.

Irish Central is so hate-filled that it even justifies Savage’s attempt to infect an innocent person with his sick bodily fluids by licking the doorknobs in the office of his victim. “Donohue conveniently neglects to mention anything about the flu,” it says, “only referring to Savage’s ‘sick bodily fluids.'” Poor Savage got the flu. Guess that changes everything.

To read the truth about Savage, see our New York Times ad and the one that it refused to print (click here).

I’m glad Irish Central printed this article—it makes my case better than I ever could.

Contact the head honcho, Niall O’Dowd:

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