Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Irish Central:

If there were any doubt that Irish Central bears an animus to Catholicism, all suspicions were put to rest today. On the front page of the media outlet there is a roaring statement of approval for the recent Irish vote overturning the Eighth Amendment prohibition on abortion.

Irish Central compared the win on abortion to the earlier win on gay marriage, labeling the latter victory “glorious.” That issue, it said, was clear cut. On the other hand, it reasoned, “There is no such clarity about abortion which is an incredibly difficult issue no matter what side you approach it.”

So the decision to overturn the laws in every nation in the history of the world (until recently), all of which refused to recognize the right of two guys to marry, is not at all complicated, but the decision to kill babies in utero is “incredibly difficult.”

Yet Biology 101 tells us that life begins at conception—not a day later—and the natural law tells us that marriage is reserved for the only persons who have the potential of reproducing, namely a man and a woman, yet the former issue is “incredibly difficult” while the latter is a slam dunk.

Such is the logic, and the standard of morality, exhibited by Irish Central.

Irish Central concluded that the “good guys and girls won the referendum, of that there can be no doubt.” The bad guys and girls are obviously those who want to protect the life of innocent babies.

This is exactly the mentality of the Nazis—they were way ahead of Irish Central in celebrating abortion. Indeed, they were the “good guys and girls.”

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