Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on an Indianapolis homosexual teacher who is suing the archdiocese:

Joshua Payne-Elliot is a homosexual activist who taught at Cathedral High School in Indianapolis. He was fired once it was discovered that he married his boyfriend. He is now seeking revenge in the courts.

His lawyer makes two arguments, both of which are false.

First, his suit maintains that the Archdiocese of Indianapolis “illegally interfered with his contractual and employment relationship with Cathedral High School, causing Cathedral to terminate him on June 23, 2019.”

In fact, the teacher voluntarily signed a contract with the school, pledging to uphold Catholic teachings. One of those teachings rejects a marriage between two men or two women, or between multiple partners. Moreover, the school is not independent of the archdiocese—it is under the jurisdiction of Indianapolis Archbishop Charles Thompson. He contends, quite rightfully, that “all teachers, school leaders and guidance counselors are ministers and witnesses of the faith, who are expected to uphold the teachings of the Church in their daily lives, both in and out of school.”

Second, the lawsuit claims that the archdiocese “discriminated on the basis of sexual orientation and retaliated against him for opposing sexual orientation discrimination.”

In fact, no one has ever been fired from a Catholic school because he is a homosexual. This is a red herring. The teacher was fired because he publicly flaunted his marriage to another man, not because he happened to be attracted to other men.

Payne-Elliott’s attorney said, “We hope that this case will put a stop to the targeting of LGBTQ employees and their families.” In fact, Catholic schools do not “target” homosexuals any more than they “target” heterosexuals.

According to the attorney’s logic, the Catholic Church must be anti-straight since most Catholic teachers who have been fired have obviously been heterosexual. Catholic teachers are fired because they violate their contract, just like any other workplace employee, not because of their sexual proclivities.

This case is not an isolated event. Homosexual activists are busy in many Catholic venues trying to get the courts to vitiate the First Amendment rights of the Catholic Church. For justice to prevail, these anti-civil liberties activists must be defeated.

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