Bill Donohue comments on a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of a lesbian employee of St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Westchester, New York; she is seeking medical coverage for her spouse:

It is not the Catholic Church that is seeking to impose its agenda on others, it is homosexual activists who voluntarily join a Catholic institution and then seek to upend its strictures. Whoever “Jane Roe” is (why the anonymity?—I thought the closet was taboo), she surely knew all along what the teachings of Catholicism are, so for her to file suit seeking to punish the Church for exercising its doctrinal prerogatives shows intolerance and a contempt for diversity.

Because St. Joseph’s Medical Center is self-insured, it is not bound by New York State law that recognizes gay marriage; it is therefore exempt from granting medical benefits to a “married” lesbian. That is why the attorney for Roe is challenging the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), a federal statute.

What made this case possible were the political machinations of the pro-gay marriage lawmakers in New York State, along with Gov. Cuomo, President Obama, and the Justice Department. The New York State officials sought to impose the gay agenda by a) refusing to hold public hearings on homosexual marriage, and b) refusing to allow the voters to decide this issue in a referendum (the way most states have). President Obama is just as devious: though he is sworn to uphold congressional legislation, he directed his Justice Department not to enforce DOMA; it was signed into law by President Clinton without controversy in 1996 (only 14 Democratic senators opposed the bill).

So here’s where we’re at. Owing to sleuth, deception, and a wholesale disregard for the democratic process, the right of a Catholic entity not to recognize something that nature never ordained—the union of two people of the same sex as a married couple—has wound up in the courts.

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