The Idaho Statesman has become the latest newspaper to print the hate ad sponsored by the Eternal Gospel Church. On September 2, the newspaper ran the despicable “Earth’s Final Warning” ad. We immediately objected.

The ad is the work of a Seventh Day Adventist splinter group that operates out of Palm Beach, Florida. It claims that the Catholic Church wants to govern the world and blames Pope John Paul II for carrying out the conspiracy. The ad is loaded with biblical passages that are applied to the Catholic Church: phrases like “Mother of Harlots” and “Image of the Beast” color the ad.

It is disconcerting that we still have to hound publishers at major American dailies on this matter. But we will continue to do so wherever and whenever they appear.

You can write to the president and publisher of the Idaho Statesman asking her not to provide space for such a bigoted ad again. Her name is Margaret E. Buchanan and the address is P.O. Box 40, Boise, Idaho 83707.

Let her know that this is not a matter of censorship but responsible editorial judgment. Articles, ads and letters are submitted everyday to newspapers all across the nation and many never see the light of day. That’s why it’s her call what appears in her newspaper.

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