The November 24 edition of the Hunter College student newspaper, Envoy, has two pictures of a man putting a condom on his penis; below is a graphic representation of Jesus crucified to the cross wearing a condom. The segment is entitled, “Culture Shock: Envoy Arts and Culture.”

Above the first two graphics it says, “Condom Use Made Easy: Let Jesus Show You How.” It then says, “Begin Copulation With A Fresh Latex Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception Condom.” The inscriptions on the Jesus graphic read “Jesus” at the top and “The King of Kings” at the bottom.

The person responsible for this is Jeremy Stein, a student. It was approved by the editor of Envoy, Trina Bardusco, also a student. Both are allegedly apologizing for what they have done and will run an apology in the next issue of the newspaper. But the work has been defended by a paid employee, Jed Brandt, the production manager.

William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, outlined the league’s position:

“An apology is unacceptable. We will now petition an investigation of this matter by Hunter and CUNY officials with an eye towards the establishment of a new policy governing the newspaper. Currently, Envoy has a policy of not printing anything that is ‘racist, denigrating to women or homosexuals.’ It has no policy governing anti-religious bigotry.

“We will also ask the multicultural officials of CUNY to investigate whether the preferential treatment afforded minorities, women and homosexuals—to the neglect of Christians—is a pervasive problem within the system. That this deliberate act of bigotry should occur on a college campus demonstrates the hypocrisy of educators and the depth of the problem.”

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