The July issue of Playboy has a picture of Hugh Hefner praying with the three stars of “Charlie’s Angels 2”; Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore are dressed as nuns in full habit. There is also a picture of Hefner with his arm draped around a large statue of the Virgin Mary. It seems that “Charlie’s Angels” and Hefner were taking time out between scenes of the new movie when they decided to transform the Playboy Mansion into what they call “Our Lady of Perpetual Virginity.”

We noticed that Hefner was wearing his smoking jacket when he got religion. This made us wonder—what was he smoking? Not having seen a picture of him for a while (at least not since he got a prescription for Viagra), we were struck by that same hallmark stupid grin on his face; it never seems to change.

In any event, we let Hef know that we were delighted that his spiritual epiphany led him to discover the one true religion.

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