1.     Our first move was the letter Donohue sent to Gore on July 31.

2.     Our second move was a news release of August 2 that showed how two-faced Sanchez is: she complained about George W. Bush speaking at Bob Jones University but this didn’t stop her from arranging the “Gorgy” on the Feast of the Assumption.

3.     Our third move was to issue a news release on August 3 that underscored what was at stake: “Culture War Ignites Over Gore’s Playboy Mansion ‘Gorgy.’”

4.     Our fourth move was a press conference in front of Playboy Enterprises in New York on August 6.  With the huge banner that read, “Cancel the Gorgy,” we drew CBS, the New York Post, Catholic News Service and other media.

5.     Our fifth move was on August 7.  It was on that date that we ran an ad in the Washington D.C. newspaper, Roll Call, asking Gore to drop the event (see below).

6.     Our sixth move, also on August 7, occurred when we announced a “web war.”  We enlisted our friends in the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist communities to join with us in the protest.  We urged visitors to our website to jam the lines at the White House asking Gore to cancel the “Gorgy” fest.

7.     Our seventh move was on August 9 when Donohue wrote to Sen. Joseph Lieberman asking him to use his leverage with Gore in getting the event nixed.  We also issued a news release on this subject.

8.     Our eighth move was on August 10 when we sent a news release explaining how the whole event was exploding.  We also detailed our complaints with the Hefners, the Playboy Foundation, etc.

9.     Our ninth move was our August 11 news release that made our final appeal to Gore:  either move the event or fire Sanchez.  Donohue went on “Hardball” that evening making the appeal on national TV.  Within four hours, Sanchez folded.

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