Last week nearly 40 Republican lawmakers met with their leaders to discuss how concerned they are with the controversy surrounding the House Chaplain issue. Having returned from their districts after the President’s Day break, they know that their constituents want this matter resolved. Now House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt is taking House Speaker Dennis Hastert to task for not providing Democrats with a forum to “have their questions answered about the breakdown of the process.”

Catholic League president William Donohue released the following statement on the issue today:

“The Republicans created this problem and then added to it with unprecedented bungling. Now they don’t know how to get out of it. With Super Tuesday behind them, they should come to a conclusion which all fair-minded observers can live with, and they should do so without delay. From the beginning, the Catholic League has raised serious questions about the selection process without once suggesting that a particular outcome must be achieved.

“We have repeatedly said that the Catholic League is not here to service the Republicans any more than we are here to service the Democrats. We are here to service the Church. We also deplore the semi-truths and outright falsehoods recently deployed by unwise persons. At stake is the credibility of those who have put politics before principle and dishonesty before a quest for truth. The sooner this is over the better.”

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