Hot button issues on the November ballot triggered passions in many parts of the country. In some cases, things got ugly. Nowhere was the situation worse than in California, Washington and Michigan.

Some of the proponents of gay marriage, abortion and euthanasia engaged in a bigoted protest against people of faith, including Roman Catholics. Not content to simply register their convictions in the polling booth, they resorted to confrontation politics. And in many cases, they violated the law, with impunity.

In California, an initiative that affirmed the traditional understanding of marriage as being between one man and one woman passed by a thin majority. Unhappy with the democratic process, radical gays tied up traffic by blocking intersections in many cities. They also bashed Catholics and Mormons for strongly supporting the pro-marriage resolution. A bigoted video attacking Mormons for supporting traditional marriage was aired on television.

In Palm Springs, California, an elderly lady carrying a cross showed up at a pro-gay marriage rally. The angry crowd knocked it from her hands and then stomped it on the ground. A local CBS anchor incredibly said that this incident showed, “There is a lot of anger and a lot of hate, quite honestly, on both sides.”

Californians also voted on an initiative requiring parental notification in cases of a minor contemplating an abortion; it narrowly lost. Prior to the election, opponents of parental rights took to the streets outside a Catholic church in Coronado seeking to intimidate those going to Mass.

The state of Washington held a referendum on legalizing physician-assisted suicide. Some of those unhappy with the Catholic Church’s opposition to the death initiative trotted out the old canard about the Church seeking to “impose” its views on others. No one repeated this mantra more than Ann Martens, spokeswoman for the resolution.

Gay fascists stormed an evangelical church in Lansing, Michigan after the election was over. Ironically, these extremists, from a nationwide group called Bash Back!, are opposed to gay marriage; they fear marriage  would make homosexuals more like heterosexuals. No matter, their tactics were branded Nazi-like by Bill Donohue. Indeed, it was the Catholic League that was responsible for getting the media to pick up on this startling story.

This kind of hate speech by the anti-marriage, anti-family, anti-child fanatics was underreported by the mainstream media, many of whose members are sympathetic to their cause.

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