The furor unleashed by Hollywood against Christians, especially Catholics, has never been greater. This is due to many reasons, one of which is the large number of homosexual writers who work there—this is no secret—many of whom bear an animus against Christianity.

The latest evidence came a couple of weeks ago on the new NBC sitcom, “Superstore.” It featured a moronic exchange on how to make a gay wedding display even more gay. The discussion quickly evolved into a diatribe against Christianity, concluding that Jesus “would have been pro-gay marriage,” and indeed “would have been pro-gay adoption.” The characters even speculated, “For all we know, Jesus himself was gay.”

Doing a Bing search for “Hollywood gay writers” turns up plenty of stories—one of them lists roughly 900 past and former LGBT Hollywood writers. Here’s a shocker: a similar search for “Hollywood Catholic writers” turns up empty. So much for diversity.

Few Catholics care whether Hollywood writers are disproportionately gay, but they do care about having their religion demeaned and trashed. That this goes on night after night—often accompanying gay-themed commentary—offers indisputable proof how utterly hypocritical the high priests of tolerance really are.

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