Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Hollywood’s new take on abortion:

Hollywood has always been a champion of abortion rights—through term—but what has changed is its succumbing to pressure from pro-abortion activists: They want Tinseltown to put a happy face on this lethal procedure. A story by Cara Buckley in the July 22nd edition of the New York Times offers all the evidence one needs to draw this conclusion.

Hollywood agents, celebrities and producers were recently invited to a “diversity summit” to hear a pitch from an abortion attorney on the need to normalize abortion on television. Such tactics are working: There are more TV shows putting a positive spin on women who have had an abortion than ever before. They feel “powerful” about their decision to “terminate” (and we all know what that word means).

The push to turn the killing of unborn babies into an ordinary medical procedure, one that is akin to having an ulcer removed, is coming at a time when more Americans are opposed to abortion-on-demand.

A Gallup poll released on June 11, 2018 found that a majority of Americans, 53%, said abortion should be legal in only a few circumstances (35%) or in no circumstances (18%). And virtually every poll ever taken shows that a majority of the public is opposed to abortion after the first trimester.

The effort to make abortion seem pedestrian taps into the narcissism of our culture.

For example, on the website,, the testimony of many women who have had a positive abortion experience reeks of self-absorption. In one article, “I Want to Have a Baby but I Wasn’t Ready,” the woman dropped the word “I” 26 times in a piece of approximately 270 words. She made sure the reader knew it was all about her own wants and needs, and no one else’s.

When it comes to sex, libertine style, Hollywood is the champ. Just as it has normalized homosexuality, and is attempting to normalize those who are unhappy with their sex, it is now bent on normalizing abortion. But pictures don’t lie, and that is something the propagandists for abortion are not likely to overcome.

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