Three TV shows recently drew the ire of the Catholic League. The January 23 episode of the “The X-Files” featured a segment that was disparaging of the sacraments of Reconciliation and the Eucharist. “When you get right down to it,” one of the characters said, “is snake handling any harder to buy into than confessionals and communion wafers?” To which it was said, “Or believing in flying saucers, for that matter?”

On January 31, CBS aired two shows that trashed Catholicism. On the “Early Show,” co-host Jane Clayson was joined by Mark McEwen—a meteorologist—in taking cheap shots at nuns, prayers and Catholic traditions. In the evening, “Everybody Loves Raymond” trivialized Catholicism, making a particularly offensive stab during the Consecration at Mass.

We notified the department of broadcasts and standards at both networks of our objections and are awaiting a response.

Two movies that got our attention were “Blessed Art Thou” and “Boondock Saints.” The former, which has yet to be released though it has debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, is about a monk thought to be homosexual; he is locked up by his superiors and turns into a pregnant woman. The latter is an extremely violent film that plays fast and loose with Catholic imagery.

Catholic League members should know that “Blessed Art Thou” is the work of Roy Disney, nephew of Walt Disney.

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