Catholic League president William Donohue comments today on the movie, “Kinsey,” which opens today, and the film, “Birth,” which opened two weeks ago:

“Why are so many in the entertainment industry angry with the less than one percent of priests today who have been accused of sexual molestation—almost all of whom are homosexuals, not pedophiles—when their favorite sexologist is a sado-masochistic, child-abusing homosexual?  Why are the same people so enamored of a film that shows a ten-year old boy stripping naked so he can join an adult woman in a tub?  The former reference is to the movie, ‘Kinsey’; the latter, ‘Birth.’

“Alfred Kinsey authorized his researchers to sexually molest infants as young as five months old.  How many?  According to Dr. Judith Reisman, at a minimum 324; and possibly as many as 2,000.  The goal of these ‘experiments’ was to bring the kids to orgasm.  ‘Mr. X,’ one of Kinsey’s most treasured discoveries, was just the kind of guy to do the dirty work.  According to Kinsey biographer James T. Jones, ‘Mr. X’ was a pedophile who ‘masturbated infants, penetrated children, and performed a variety of other sexual acts on pre-adolescent boys and girls alike.’  To Kinsey’s delight, he proved he could ejaculate in ten seconds.

“None of this, of course, was shown in the movie.  No matter, the Dallas Observer, theChicago TribuneDaily Variety and Slate all said that the film ‘Kinsey’ was ‘moving.’  Jack Mathews of the New York Daily News described Kinsey as an ‘odd genius,’ while most everyone else is saying the movie should get an Oscar.  Hear that, Mel?

“Regarding ‘Birth,’ the Atlanta Journal-Constitution says the ‘taboo’ tub scene was ‘the film’s greatest strength.’  And Rex Reed in the New York Observer protested that ‘the film was viciously attacked as ‘kiddie porn.’

“Kinsey’s assistant, Wardell Pomeroy, admitted in 1972 that his boss’ goal was to tear down the Judeo-Christian understanding of sexuality.  This sheds light on why Hollywood only objects to predatory priests.  In any event, ‘Kinsey’ is only opening today in New York and Los Angeles, thus proving once again the red-blue divide is no stereotype.”

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