Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is quoted as saying that the State Department was “instrumental in sealing the deal” for Lady Gaga to appear at the June 11 Euro Pride concert in Rome. 
Catholic League president Bill Donohue responds as follows:
The Obama administration has U.S. troops fighting in four wars—Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen—and yet the Secretary of State has time to lobby Lady Gaga to attend a homosexual extravaganza in Rome. The fact that the Queen Monster performed near the Vatican was clearly not a problem for Secretary Clinton. 
Lady Gaga is known in Catholic circles for strutting like a tramp while dressed as a nun, swallowing rosaries, taking liberties with the Cross, and parading around in glossy-red habits. None of this, obviously, is seen as problematic by the Secretary of State. One would think that a feminist might object to a video that features a simulated rape of Lady Gaga by her S&M boyfriends.
The fact that Lady Gaga is being courted by the White House provides a window into the mindset of this administration. As the adage says, “What you see is what you get.” And what Catholics see is not a pretty sight.
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