Bill Donohue comments on Hillary Clinton’s speeches in black churches:

When Hillary Clinton went to Flint, Michigan to speak about the water crisis, she could have spoken at a community center or school. Instead she spoke at the House of Prayer Missionary Baptist Church, an African-American house of worship.

In the run-up to the Nevada caucus, Hillary, and Sen. Bernie Sanders, spoke before a black congregation at Victory Missionary Baptist Church in Las Vegas. Rev. Robert E. Fowler Sr. instructed them “to explain why people should vote for them.”

Before the South Carolina primary, Hillary not only stumped in black churches, she bragged how many times she has done so. “I couldn’t help but think about the many, many hours of my life I have spent in a church like this one,” she said. She never goes to pray—just to speak.

On February 27, the Greater Lansing Clergy Forum, an African-American group from Michigan, unanimously endorsed Hillary.

Here is how the Washington Post described Hillary’s speech last Sunday before a huge black audience: “The Memphis congregation is known for being politically active.” She told them, “I need your help on Tuesday.”

On Monday, Hillary held a “get out the vote” rally before a black congregation in Boston, Old South Church.

Yesterday, black clergy from all over Missouri came together to endorse Hillary.

Now if a Catholic priest even addresses abortion from the pulpit, he is slammed by civil libertarians and church-and-state activists for violating the First Amendment. But Hillary can hold political rallies in black churches and no one says a word. Why? Bias and bigotry. The media are biased in favor of Democrats and many of them are white racists—they hold blacks to a lower standard. Some, admittedly, are afraid to speak out. It’s really not very complicated.

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