Finally, a unique film that combines the excitement of sports and the richness of the Catholic Faith! “Champions of Faith: Baseball Edition” is a film that showcases Catholicism in a positive and respectful manner. Too often Hollywood uses the Catholic Church as a punching bag, choosing to treat Catholics as “looney” and out-of-touch with reality. This film portrays Catholicism in a heroic light and truly makes one excited to be Catholic.

“Champions of Faith” showcases the Catholic faith-lives of a range of All-Star Major Leagueball players, coaches and managers. These men take their faith seriously and live out that faith with joy, enthusiasm and love. Superstar athletes all too often get caught up in fame and fortune, but the men profiled in “Champions of Faith” are so down-to-earth that they could be considered “the guy next door”—or more fittingly, “the guy in the next pew.”

Filled with exciting game footage from Major League Baseball, this groundbreaking film features inspiring and personal faith stories of some of baseball’s greats.

Future Hall of Famer Mike Piazza shares how the Word of God started resonating inside of him and how it impacted his storied career.

Five-time All Star Mike Sweeney speaks of his conversion and reveals the difficulty of seeking forgiveness for a brutal on-field fight.

Third-base coach Rich Donnelly talks about how his faith in God deepened during his daughter’s life-and-death struggle with a brain tumor.

2006 World Series MVP David Eckstein and National League Championship Series MVP Jeff Suppan describe how they saw each other at Mass one Sunday and never knew the other was Catholic. From then on the two St. Louis Cardinals teammates attended Mass together and led their team through adversity and to a World Series crown.

And legendary manager Jack McKeon explains how the intercession of St. Therese after he was in “retirement” finally brought him his lifelong dream—a stunning World Series victory.

At a time when the Catholic Church and Catholics in general are under massive assault in the culture, “Champions of Faith” comes along with the unique ability to change hearts and perceptions. The more than two-dozen cultural icons featured in “Champions of Faith” are proud to be Catholic and unashamed of their Faith. These men are shining examples of what it means to be a man of God and a pillar of the Church.

Produced by Catholic Exchange (who last brought you the best-selling A Guide to the Passion),”Champions of Faith” is a powerful weapon in the culture wars of our times. It offers a unique opportunity to discuss faith, family, teamwork and leadership along with other spiritual lessons to be learned from the game of baseball. It’s an inspiring film that is sure to touch the hearts and lives of everyone who sees it.

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