Blasphemy often follows obscenity, and HBO’s sitcom “Lucky Louie” has been obscene from the first episode. So Catholics were due.

Here’s a sample of the first nine episodes of the show:

●   Louie, the main character, is found masturbating in a broom closet.

●   Louie does not want to get his wife pregnant until they figure out a way for her to have consistent orgasms.

●   Louie passes out at the kitchen table and awakes with the name “fag” painted on his back.

●   Louie’s friend wants to know why he spent $300 on a Frankenstein doll that he cannot have sex with.

●   Louie’s wife, Kim, barges in on him while he is in the bathroom so she can get a stool sample.

●   Louie uses an obscene term referring to the female genitalia and calls his wife by that name.

●   Lucy, the daughter, tells her mother that the cake she made tastes like “poop” and the mother curses at her.

●   A 16-year-old girl offers to perform oral sex on Louie.

●   Louie gets drunk, almost gets into a car accident, and when he tries to trade places with his male friend, the two get stuck on top of each other.

In the tenth episode, which aired on August 13, Louie gets “absolution” from a priest in the confessional even though the priest knows he is not Catholic. Worse, when Louie is criticized for eating in church he says, “They are all up there eating Jesus, why can’t I have this?”

The sacred and the profane are elements found in every society. In our society, the sexual and the scatological often constitute the profane, as in this show. Ironically, the sacred, which is Roman Catholicism, cannot be ignored, even by the depraved. But that is no excuse for this barbaric presentation.


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