Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Bill Maher’s Friday night show:

HBO chief Richard Plepler refuses to sanction Bill Maher, even though he was deluged with a petition in November by outraged Catholics protesting Maher’s bigotry. Maher gives most demographic groups a pass, but is pathologically obsessed in his determination to slander all priests. His return on Friday showed that he picked up where he left off.

Maher showed a picture of a statue of St. Dominic, one that was recently commissioned by the Catholic Church in Australia. The statue depicts the saint offering a young boy bread; the child is standing next to the image at waist level. Maher, of course, saw this as a sexual statement, saying Church officials “didn’t think it all the way through.” He added, “Subway restaurants have finally found their new spokesperson, Father Footlong.”

Maher is not only a bigot, he and his homosexual writers continue to promote a false narrative: most of the priests involved in sexual abuse—there are very few today—were homosexuals who hit on postpubescent males. So if Maher wants to continue with this theme, let him at least tell the truth.

Of course, Maher doesn’t have the guts to tell the truth. If he did, he would have ripped into his sexually challenged buddy, Louis C.K.; instead, he let him off. Moreover, if he did dump on homosexuals, Plepler would drop the hammer on him. As long as he continues to defame priests, Plepler will look the other way.


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