In February, Home Box Office (HBO) repeated a show that the league had earlier criticized as being unfair and spiteful Priestly Sins, a program that deals with alleged sexual misconduct in the clergy, was the reason that the league called for a boycott of HBO one year ago. After William Donohue met with HBO officials, he felt that they finally understood his concerns and left him with the impression that the show would never air again. That is why he was shocked to see it rerun.

Donohue quickly wrote to HBO asking for an explanation. We are glad to say that upon receiving his letter, a senior official from HBO called Donohue to say that he had Priestly Sins yanked immediately. the official said that the scheduling department made the mistake. He apologized profusely and convinced Donohue that this was the kind of thing that embarrassed HBO greatly. The league is very pleased with this response and considers the matter closed.

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