Catholic League members were asked in a recent appeal to help fund a direct mail campaign in search of new members. As usual, they were generous. The direct mail effort was based on a survey of anti-Catholicism and was sent to prospective new members. Like all such campaigns, some of those who were sent the survey were misidentified as Catholics. How we know this is evident from the hate mail we received.

Here is a small sample of the actual statements that were sent to the Catholic League from those who mistakenly received our direct mail survey. The next time someone asks whether you are right in believing that anti-Catholicism exists, just read to them some of these gems.

  • “I have not been a Roman Catholic since 1965. People like you make me glad I switched.”
  • “I probably wasn’t supposed to receive this survey. I am a Christian belonging to the Church of Christ faith. I think it is sad that Catholics feel the need to organize a League of their own.”
  • “You are dragging Catholics into the mud.”
  • “I have never heard of this Catholic bashing.”
  • “The Catholic Church should be treated with utmost disrespect.”
  • “Catholicism should be scourged from the face of the earth.”
  • “Pope John Paul is the Anti-Christ.”
  • “I insist that you purge my name and address from your evil files. P.S. F___ You.”
  • “The laws of the church are man made and can be changed. The church and the pope do not have the right to tell a person to stay in a situation because the church says we have to.”
  • “How funny that my name ended up on your list to fight Catholic bashing! Must be someone’s idea of a joke! I happen to love cartoons, cards, jokes and satires on the Church. It’s far better for me to laugh AT the Church, rather than build up anger about it.”
  • “Just thinking about the Catholic Church makes me angry! So on your Survey, you can chalk me up to being anti-Catholic.”
  • “In my opinion, the Catholic Church deserves the criticism it gets—and in fact should get more.”
  • “I’m glad it [Hollywood] doesn’t offer a respectful picture of the Catholic Church.”
  • “Christmas never should have been made!”

What is amazing about this is that all these people needed to do was throw the survey in the garbage. But that would be a sign of indifference, and that is the last sentiment these people feel about the Catholic Church.

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