Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on why the working class is hated by liberals:

There is a big difference between the Democrats of old, who were liberal but not leftists, and Democrats today, many of whom are associated with left-wing politics. Not too long ago, the working class identified with the Democrats, but the hostility that many Democrats have shown for them has driven them toward the Republicans.

Today, the Democrats are more the party of plutocrats, not the working class. The latest iteration is the support that Democrats are showing for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s suspension of civil liberties for truckers who object to his authoritarian Covid measures.

Trudeau’s response to truckers tying up traffic was to declare martial law. He assumed police powers that literally gave him dictatorial control, allowing him to censor the media and freeze the bank accounts of those who opposed him. Some non-violent Canadians were beaten by the police and protesters had their savings raided by the state.

In a recent Trafalgar Group poll, 55% of Americans disapproved of Trudeau’s handling of the trucker protest. Among Republicans, the figure jumped to 87%; independents registered over 74% disapproval. But among Democrats, only 17% disapproved (two out of three approved).

How to explain this disparity?

The issue has nothing to do with violence—the truckers were non-violent almost to the person. Clearly the most violent protesters over the past few years have been those who supported Black Lives Matter: dozens of innocent Americans were killed, police stations were set on fire, churches were vandalized and looters fleeced department stores. Yet in a Pew survey published in September, it was disclosed that 85% of Democrats said they support Black Lives Matter (78% of Republicans opposed them).

Similarly, Trudeau’s authoritarian crackdown on the truckers was not motivated by a desire to stop the violence—there was almost none. Besides, he never objected to the violent Black Lives Matter protesters. In fact, this “privileged” white boy, who is worth $10 million—he inherited it all—took a knee last year in support of Black Lives Matter. Conveniently, he was not wearing blackface at the time.

It’s not hard to figure out what’s going on. Trudeau and most Democrats are not liberals anymore—they’ve joined the ranks of the left. As such, they are marked by a strong tyrannical streak and a searing contempt for the working class (Marxists have long given up on them).

For example, support for the Covid lockdowns, and other draconian measures, comes heavily from the blue states, places where liberal Democrats reign. It is not those who live in the suburbs and in the rural areas who love masks—it’s liberal city dwellers—the same ones who like Black Lives Matter. It’s not the working class which supports the racism that is inherent in critical race theory, or the insanity that marks transgenderism. No, it’s the urbane sages who swallowed whole everything they were taught by their left-wing professors.

Richard Nixon was the first Republican president to reach out to the working class. Then the Reagan Democrats emerged as a force for Republicans in the 1980s. More recently, Trump did more than any Republican to welcome the working class.

Ever since the Hardhat Riot of 1970—when New York City construction workers broke the heads of spoiled anti-American white kids—the working class has been hated by liberal Democrats. Obama disparaged those Americans who “cling to their guns or religion,” and Hillary spoke with derision about the “basket of deplorables.”

In fact, Hillary bragged after her 2016 loss to Trump that a majority of her voters came from “dynamic” areas that represent “two-thirds of America’s gross domestic product.” In other words, she set anchor with the Silicon Valley elites, not the lunch-bucket crowd.

The working class is comprised of patriotic men and women who value common sense more than books, and who believe in God more than algorithms. By contrast, the elites who govern the Democratic Party score  low on measures of patriotism, and most have never served a day in the armed forces. They don’t worry about crime the way the working class does—they live in gated communities with their own security. To top things off, they have no need for God—they’re smarter than Him.

The working class knows all of this, which explains why they loathe the Democrats. They resent their condescending attitude, and their hypocritical double standards. Which is why they’re done with them.

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