The Catholic League has long been a target for those who hate our defense of the Church. But this year we have received more hate mail than ever before. And the quality is different, too: it’s more obscene than ever before.

Why is this happening? The biggest reason is the crisis in the Church. Those who hate the Church are taking advantage of the crisis by piling on big time. They think, mistakenly, that their time has come and are doing everything they can to exploit the scandal. Our victory over “Opie and Anthony” also triggered an enormous outburst of hate mail.

There is a group in San Bernardino, California, that continues to send us hate mail via postcards. Citizens Against Religious Zealots takes aim at many religions and religious figures, but none more than Catholicism and Catholic leaders. “Beware the Cult of Catholicism” appears on the back of one of its postcards. It also warns against “extremists” like the pope.

The most offensive postcard we’ve seen says on the front, “Don’t Let Them Go To Mass Alone.” On the back there is a drawing of two children with an image of a priest in the middle; on the bottom is the inscription, “Watch Your Kids.”

Worse than this is hateful greeting cards put out by NobleWorks. It has a card, “The Ten Best Priest Jokes,” that is so obscene we will not reprint what it says. But trust us, this is a new low: that a greeting card company would release something this vile is incredible. Oh, yes, we checked to see if other religions were targeted as well. You guessed it—the cards that poke fun at other religions couldn’t compare to the ones aimed at Catholicism.

Write to NobleWorks at P.O. Box 1275, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030.

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