• William Donohue’s appearance just cost my parish $200 for the refurbishment of its stained glass windows. I’m sick of an out-of-touch church pushing its weight around in politics. Especially one that has failed so miserably keeping its own house in order.

• Bill is bitter man and should be removed as president of the Catholic League and then the Catholic League should provide for infants, the poor, the homeless, and stop all this political crap that only comes out of Bill’s month.

• I am a 54 year old Roman Catholic who for years has been been wrestling with my church being out of touch. After watching your bigoted, out of touch leader, Mr.Donohue on Hardball, my mind is made up … I am leaving the Catholic Church

• After suffering through your “representative’s” (Willian Donohue or whatever• he was so appalling that I refuse to remember his name)insulting, unintelligent performance on Hard Ball, I HEREBY RESIGN MY AFFILIATION WITH THE CATHOLIC CHURCH. You might be better served to deal with the pedophiliac priests, etc.

• F— the Catholic church, the Pope, William Donohue and all your perverted priests & cardinals!

• You people scare me far more than the Islamic extremists.

• I was so offended it almost made me want to renounce my religion.

• I was a lapsed Catholic, thinking of going back to Church. I have heard your spokesperson, William Donohue and now I can tell you with ABSOLUTE certainty that I will NEVER enter a Catholic Church again. In fact, I have written in my will that I am to be cremated.

• I have been a Catholic all my life and your organization discusts me. You have nothing to do with God and work for the forces of Evil…

• It is because of self aggrandizing ego-driven fools like him that people stay away from religion therefore he is preventing God’s children from being saved by hearing the Good news of Jesus Christ!

• Mr. Donahue—You are a real idiot. I’ve never once heard you speak about all the molesting priests that are in the priesthood. I guess you like to cover that stuff up like all the Bishops do. I’m a Catholic but I can assure you that most of the priests I’ve met and dealt with are total losers. They couldn’t survive in the real wold and thats why they are priests.

• Mr. Donohue, are you just incompetent or are you lying? Hopefully, you’ll figure it out during your next confession.

• I also believe that the Iraq war is wrong, the death penalty is wrong, and that Christian peoples having killed 15,000,000 Native Americans for their land, under the bull Inter Caetera of May 3, 1493 is wrong. That stain still remains on the soul of the Catholic Church.

• Please keep the Church out of this election. This election is too important for our Nation.

• Do you really expect people to take seriously the idea of the bishops exhorting for laws to curb child abuse after the pedophile priest scandals that have been plastered all over the press?

[Donohue] is no more “pro-life” that Osama bin Laden is.

• Go Kerry. WE will reclaim the church from boot licking extremists like William Donohue and the demented Bishops who are trying to steal the Catholic Church from real catholics.

• The next time you receive the sacrament of communion take a close look at the hand offering you the host because they were probably on the genitals of a 12 year old the night before.

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