Anonymous Man: “You make me really ashamed to be Catholic.”

Anonymous Man: “I’m a Roman Catholic and I would like Mr. Donohue to know that he doesn’t speak for me, my wife or anyone I know

Ronald Peters of New York, NY: He is a non-Catholic who sent us a letter stating that he read our ad with sorrow. He accuses the league of fostering “hate, bigotry, and violence.” Mr. Peters also indicates his support for Catholics Speak Out and recommends that we read Garry Wills’ book, Papal Sins.

Patricia von Hippel of Princeton, NJ: In her comments on our website feedback section, she said that our ad reminded her of why she left the Church.

Roger M. Poor: In his comments on our website feedback section, he calls the league “intolerant,” “narrow-minded,” and “regressive.”

Roy Hubbard: In his comments on our website feedback section, he accuses us of Catholic bashing against Catholics Speak Out, and he says that we encourage people to follow a totalitarian party line. He also says that we if had our way, the Church would still be burning Protestants, Jews and heretics.

Jonathan Bernard of Seattle, WA: In his comments on our website feedback section, he says that he is a lapsed Catholic who was depressed and discouraged from returning to Church by the tone and content of our ad, which is full of “repressive dogma.”

Anonymous Man: “Talk about a paid ad from political propagandists, who elected William Donohue Pope?”

John Salz of Sausalito, CA: He sent a note with our ad attached that began as follows: “Damn! and here I thought your church finally woke up and came of age.”

George Wickes of Eugene, OR: He sent us a letter in which he describes himself as “an old ex-Catholic with a lifelong attachment to the Church.” He says that Catholics Speak Out sound “like true Christians.” He also says that our “politicized agenda” is “quite chilling, without tolerance or mercy,” and that he can’t see what it has to do with religion or civil rights.

Tom Bunn: In his comments on our website feedback section, Mr. Bunn, who says that he is a therapist, says that, while he objects to people who are anti-Catholic, he applauds people who are against what we consider to be Catholic. He also says that the “dogmatism, and and intollerance expressed in this ad is evil, anti-Christian, and against what Christ’s life was about.” He ends by saying that “in rigidly trying to save your own egos, you have lost the soul of Christianity.”

Joe Miles of Atlanta, GA: In his comments on our website feedback section, Mr. Miles, who says that he is a former Catholic priest, says that our ad is “a classic illustration of anti-Catholic bias.” He also says that we depicted Catholics Speak Out as “wolves in sheep clothing” and “destroyers of the faith.” In addition, he says that our “attack” on Catholics Speak Out is a “distortion of the truth – a deliberate, calculated lie.”

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