If anyone doubts that Catholics are hated by many in this country, let them read these letters. All of them were e-mailed to us following the article by Howard Rosenberg in theLos Angeles Times reporting that Fox will no longer tolerate cheap shots at Catholics on “The Simpsons.” See the article on this subject on page .

We have not corrected the spelling or the grammar of these letters. The only thing we have done is omit the full spelling of the obscenities.

How dare you. Where do you get off telling anyone what they can and cannot say. What would really make you happy a second inquisition.

I think the leagues response to the Simpsons joke represents a clear case of the denigration of Catholicism by representing Catholics as a bunch of humourless, bigoted halfwits so inept at defending their religion they have to resort to attacking cartoons. – PS I do actually believe Mary was a virgin, like all good catholic girls she used to take it up the s——.

Censorship s—- *almost* as much as Christ, but not quite.

Hi, I would like to report my anti-Catholic bias as a result of your complaints to Fox over a Simpson’s episode.

Why do you folks feel it necessary to protect only catholicism on tv, radio, or in print? Do you find the jew jokes on southpark funny? Is it your job to censor other peoples rights? Make a huge announcement to all your loyal followers (occult) and tell them to not watch the show.

Well, you first pressured a network to take off the air a thoughtful portrayal of a young priest dealing with inner city issues and his own human foibles. Now, you waste your efforts with “The Simpsons” Super Bowl spoof issue.

Anybody has as much right to insult you or ridicule your religion as you have a right to believe in jesus christ. Personally, i am protestant, and the catholic religion, at times, makes me sick.

Your group is getting quite hypocritical in its mission. You claim to be for “civil rights”, but you are trampling on one of the most sacred rights of all; that of FREE SPEECH. Sadly, I must say it’s people like YOU who are spreading anti-Catholic sentiment more than almost any other single group.

My complaint is against you. The arrogance and bullying you employ does more to portray Catholicism in a negative light than any of the media offenses you rail against. Those who brought us the Spanish Inquisition clearly believe that they are entitled to play censors not only for the Roman Catholic faithful, but for all the un-redeemed non-Catholics as well. I resent it.

How can you allow any other religion or group be joked about in any similar fashion… Jokes are made about Jews, Hindus, obese people, the young, the old, men, women, any and all distinct groups. But you only cry out when this little joke is made that threatens your group.

Your attack on the “Simpsons” TV program is liable to create anti-Catholic attitudes. It certainly has for me.

Can’t you guys take a joke? Is your tottering empire really threatened by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence or the Simpsons?

You people make me sick. I’m really ticked off about you guys harassing the Fox network television for the Simpsons.

For nearly fifteen hundred years the Catholic Church tried to tell people what to think. The result of that disastrous policy can be easily seen by an endless list of suffering and ignorance that was sold as enlightenment. If the League truly believes in its message, if it truly wants to earn the respect of the populace, then it needs to get rid of these antiquated methods of creating strawmen, demonizing, and blood-to-fire lynchings.

Your decision to hound the Fox network over a very minor reference to the Catholic church is likely to generate more “anti-catholicism” as you call it.

My un-catholic friends are hurt and even down-right angry with your reactions to the situations.

You guys are nothing more than a bunch of communists…I hope you rot in the hell that you preach about all the time…

I hope all you rott in hell. People have the right to say whatever they want about Catholics…like you s—!

You arrogant fools. You really think that the world thanks you for intruding on minority groups and bullying bigger ones due to your vociferous slanging matches that would not seem out of place in a schoolyards? Here’s news – NO ONE CARES. Insane groups of bigoted psychotics like you should be hunted down and shot. I make no pretense at being a nice, gleeful, happy, caring Christian, so I don’t mind saying that I hate you all. You wanna find anti-Catholic stuff? Read my letter.

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