On December 27, Brigitte Boisselier, the head of Clonaid, said her company was responsible for the world’s first cloned human baby; the company is tied to a religious group by the name Raelian.

William Donohue strongly protested this outrageous development:

“A woman who calls herself a Raelian ‘bishop’ holds a press conference alleging that her company has cloned the first human. She will not say where the baby was born and admits she has no evidence to share at this time that would substantiate her claim. Fortunately, not everything about Raelian is a mystery. Here’s what we know.

“The central link between the cloning company, Clonaid, and the religious group, Raelian, is Claude Vorilhon. He is both the founder of the company and the head of the group known as Raelians; he goes by the name Rael. He claims that in the 1970s he met with aliens who arrived by way of a UFO. They told him they used genetic engineering to create the universe and he believed them hook, line and sinker. Sounds nuts but I didn’t make this up.

“Here’s some more info about the Raelians. There is good news for hedonists, African Americans and Jews: Raelians are for free love and oppose racism and anti-Semitism. But there is bad news for Catholics: they hate them.

“Raelians advocate cross burnings to protest Catholicism; they’ve blanketed Canada telling Catholic schoolchildren they must renounce their faith; they’ve posted anti-Catholic signs outside Catholic schools; they’ve appealed to the U.N. to denounce the Holy See; they want the Vatican sued for ‘crimes against humanity’; they’ve mocked Catholics during Gay Pride Parades; and so on.

“In short, Raelians have no respect for the sacredness of human life and treat baby sheep with greater kindness than they do Catholics.”

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