The two most notorious hate artists in the music business, Marilyn Manson and Sinead O’Connor, will appear this Sunday at Giants Stadium and Randall’s Island, respectively. Manson is featured in the “OzzFest ’97” concert and O’Connor is part of the American Guinness Festival.

Manson is best known for his music that glorifies evil. A member of the Church of Satan, he has publicly identified himself with Lucifer. While performing, Manson often rips up Bibles, appeals to the crowd to become “an unholy missionary for AntiChrist Superstar” and beckons his fans to worship the Manson “family.” He sells T-shirts that read “Kill Your Parents” and sings songs that celebrate violence, most of which are replete with obscenities.

In 1992, O’Connor tore up a picture of the pope on TV, shouting, “Fight the real enemy.” More recently, she has said that “If the Virgin Mary were here today she’d be ripping pictures of the pope.” Her interest in the Virgin Mary has led her to be cast as the Mother of Jesus in the movie, The Butcher Boy, uttering profanities in her role.

League president William Donohue outlined the organization’s objections:

“Sinead O’Connor and Marilyn Manson epitomize the most debased elements in our culture. There is more at work here than youthful rebellion: anyone who celebrates blasphemy, obscenity and violence contributes to a milieu that claims the hearts, minds and souls of our youth. Moreover, those who justify these sick antics in the name of ‘making a living’ or ‘art’ are just as depraved as the performers.

“The Catholic League has asked Liam Lynch, who heads the American Guinness Festival, to press O’Connor to make an apology to Catholics. But that is no more likely to happen than it is to learn that Manson will conduct himself with a modicum of civility. The most responsible message that fathers can send on Father’s Day is to dissuade their children from attending either concert.”

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