Judicial Watch announced in late April that it has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit, along with CatholicVote, seeking communications the FBI may have engaged in concerning conservative Catholic organizations. The Catholic League was among those listed.

Judicial Watch is asking for all emails, Lync messages, and text messages sent to and from top FBI officials, beginning in March 2022.

The response is in reaction to news stories regarding the FBI’s decision to spy on various orthodox Catholic organizations.

In April, Bill Donohue wrote to FBI Director Christopher Wray asking him to make public those documents that are related to the FBI’s outreach program to “mainline Catholic parishes” and “local diocesan leadership.” They were targeted because of “radicalization” within the Catholic Church.

At first, the FBI decided to monitor “Radical-Traditionalist Catholics,” those associated with the Latin Mass. Then it upped the ante, going after “mainline” Catholics.

Has the FBI been monitoring, or spying, on the Catholic League? We don’t know, but we sure would like to find out. When we learn the outcome of the Judicial Watch lawsuit, we will let you know.

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