Bill Donohue comments on movie mogul Harvey Weinstein:

There is no one in Hollywood who delights in offending Catholics more than Harvey Weinstein: he has made a long list of anti-Catholic films.

Now he is at it again, putting the final touches on his latest contribution to Catholic-themed films, Mary Magdalene. No release date has been set.

In December, the online edition of the Hollywood Reporter asked rhetorically if the movie, starring Rooney Mara, “will spark controversy among conservative Christians?” Co-producer Iain Canning said it wouldn’t. Time will tell if he is right, but one thing is certain: Weinstein is laying the groundwork for a fight.

Weinstein is quoted by Screen International saying, “I’ll probably take a vacation around the time the film comes out because over the years the Catholic League have [sic] made me their poster boy. I get sent lovely letters [saying things] like ‘Dear Jew mother******’.”

I have a quote for Weinstein. “If you don’t want to be the subject of vitriol, stop baiting Catholics. If a Catholic made as many anti-Semitic films as you have made anti-Catholic ones, no one should be surprised if some Jews act badly. Stop the bigotry and stop the whining.”

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