Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on Harvard University’s idea of Christmas:

Last weekend Harvard University hosted “Iscariot: The Musical.” It was based on a book by Harvard student Sophie Kim; she also served as executive producer of the play. It is called a “heretical gaysian (gay, Asian) love story.”

The musical “reimagines” the Christian account of Jesus and Judas, and in keeping with our nation’s elite obsession with race and sex (especially homosexuality), “Iscariot is a queer, Asian American.”

Kim told the Harvard Crimson, the student newspaper, that “Jesus and Judas are high school seniors at a fancy high school in Hollywood. They are both kind of outsiders in the preppy club of the Disciples. They team up to win prom king and then shenanigans ensue. There’s a betrayal. There’s a crucifixion.”

Maddie Sebastian, who plays Judas, told The Crimson that the play was not an exercise in Christian bashing. “The message of the show is not that religion sucks, or that God isn’t real, or Jesus isn’t real. We’re not saying that at all.” Kim agrees, saying it is “a universal story.”

Now some may say that these people are lying—the entire purpose of the play is to trash Christians at Christmastime—and they should be called out for their cowardice in not defending their bigoted portrayal. There is one way to find out whether these critics are right.

Harvard needs to “reimagine” a play about Charlie Chan. The detective could be depicted as a transgender freak who uses chop sticks to stab criminals trying to rob P.F. Chang’s. It may not be “a universal story,” but it’ll suffice to get the message across.

We are asking both Kim and The Crimson to consider my suggestion today. 

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