On the front page of the “Week in Review” section of Sunday’s New York Times, there was a piece on health care titled, “Is Failure Forgivable?” Accompanying the article was a photo of President Obama in shirt sleeves with his finger pointed upwards. Superimposed in the background was an illustration that showed an illuminated cross; a halo over Obama’s head was also depicted. A small picture of the White House was shown at the bottom of the cross.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue commented as follows:

Sean Hannity refers to President Obama as “the anointed one.” The only difference between Hannity and the New York Times is that his characterization is meant as sarcasm. The Times actually believes it.

This is the same newspaper that refused to run the Danish cartoon imagery of Muhammad. Nice to know that it obviously has no problem misappropriating Christian imagery to make a political point, even during Lent. What a class bunch.

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