Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the reaction to Hannibal Buress’ latest exploit:

Like many comedians these days, stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress can’t get through a show without being vulgar. Arrested in December for disorderly intoxication, he is known for his offensive behavior.

So it was hardly a surprise that he had his microphone cut while performing at Loyola University Chicago over the weekend: the action was taken when he started portraying all priests as child molesters. “Y’all f*** kids, right?”

If this were all there was to this story, it would hardly be worth commenting on any further. But there is much more.

Why did a Catholic university invite Buress in the first place? They knew what they were getting. Indeed, they even asked him to abide by certain rules as a condition of performing. He was asked not to tell jokes about rape, sexual assault, race, sexual orientation/gender, illegal drugs, and so forth. He agreed. Of course, he then intentionally violated the agreement, making fools of his host.

Even more bizarre was the reaction of the student audience. They didn’t boo at his obscene jokes—they booed when his mic was cut. Yes, they wanted Buress to continue his assault on priests.

To top things off, Buress was allowed to come back on stage 15 minutes after he left. What genius let him do that? And what happened? He got a a standing ovation from his Catholic fans. That’s right, the students at this Jesuit-run institution treated this filthy-mouthed bigot as a hero.

It would have been interesting to see how these enlightened students would have reacted if Buress had started talking about all the homosexual priests who did the molesting. That would have really tested their sense of humor.

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