The Bridge Eco Village, located inside a former Catholic school in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, is a development company that services disadvantaged people. Together with Rotten Concepts, a design company that specializes in haunted fare, the two entities are currently holding an event that attracted the attention of the Catholic League. Here is Bill Donohue’s response.

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September 29, 2022

Gary Gilliam
The Bridge Eco Village

Dennis Miller
Rotten Concepts

Dear Sirs:

The idea of using a former Catholic school as the site for a Halloween “haunted house”—that is what is going on at the former Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg—seems bizarre, to say the least. But it is more than bizarre for “The Unholy Schoolhouse” to feature “demonic nuns and damned teachers,” instructing visitors that they will be “risking not only your life, but your faith and your very souls.” And according to Dennis Miller, “It’s going to be creepy nuns, creepy priests.”

Why are you are demonizing nuns and priests? The mission statement of Empower the Bridge Foundation says that it serves people “suffering from systemic oppression.” Why, then, the need to trash Catholics?

To relieve the objections that many Catholics have, all you have to do is excise the more offensive fare. Please do so.


William Donohue Ph.D.

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