Catholic League president Bill Donohue discusses Halloween costumes that are generally available:

Every year we are treated to Halloween costumes that disparage priests and nuns. As usual, all other major religions are treated with humor, but not with offensive wares.

Amazon is featuring a priest outfit equipped with a pump that makes it look like he is sporting an erection. There is nothing equivalent available for rabbis, imams or ministers. Nor do the other religions have anything that resemble the “Evil Bishop” costume. The pregnant nun dress is currently unavailable.

Walmart has an “Evil Bishop” costume but there is nothing like that for those who want to dress as a rabbi, imam or minister. Party City has an “Adult Blessed Babe Nun Costume” and a few inoffensive priest outfits; there is nothing available for the Jewish, Islamic and Protestant clergy.

Halloween Costumes has by far the biggest selection. There is the priest-with-an-erection one. Those who would like to see a rabbi, imam or minister dressed this way are out of luck—none are available. They are also selling a “Sexy Priest Men’s Costume,” a “Pregnant Nun Costume,” a “Misbeheaven Women’s Nun Costume,” a “Women’s Dreadful Nun Plus Costume,” a “Naughty Nun Costume,” and a “Bad Habit Nun Costume.” Those who like to dress as an “Evil Bishop” will be disappointed—it is all sold out.

We have asked these companies before why they don’t treat Jews, Muslims and Protestants the way they treat Catholics. They always say the same thing: there is no demand for such outfits.

Are they telling us that there is a demand for offensive Catholic ones, and that they are only too happy to oblige? What does that say? And would they feature some blackface costumes if there was a demand for them?

As disturbing as the obnoxious stereotypes that these companies promote is their dishonesty. We’d rather deal with honest bigots than with dishonest ones.

Contact Halloween Costumes media rep, Henni Kristiansen:

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