At the end of May, Pastor John Hagee pulled his endorsement of Republican presidential candidate John McCain; McCain subsequently renounced Hagee’s endorsement. This came a week after Pastor John Hagee met with Bill Donohue at the Catholic League headquarters in New York, ending their dispute.

After Pastor Hagee withdrew his endorsement of McCain, we said that Hagee’s decision to sever all ties with McCain was a noble one: Hagee knew he had become a liability to McCain, even after he made amends with Catholics.

Pastor Hagee proved that he, unlike Rev. Jeremiah Wright, is not an egocentric man. He was also not like the partisans at the Interfaith Alliance, which called on McCain to reject Hagee: when it was founded, the Interfaith Alliance received $25,000 from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

Withdrawing his support from McCain allowed Hagee to move back into the religious circles he was accustomed to and continue his ministry without distraction.

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