rBill Donohue sent the following letter today to three top officials at Diageo-Guinness in Norwalk, Connecticut, and three others in London:

“The decision to withdraw sponsorship of New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is not being welcomed by Catholics, especially Irish Catholics; we are also impressed by the number of non-Catholics who have expressed their support for our boycott. No gays have ever been barred from marching, and there were no new rules applied this year that made the 2014 parade any different from previous ones; claims of discrimination are therefore bogus. Please see the enclosed petition for further information on why I called for a boycott; the petition is available on our website and will be printed in the May edition of Catalyst, our monthly journal.

“In 2007, the Miller Brewing Company offended Catholics by sponsoring a vile, obscene, anti-Catholic gay event. When they refused to issue a complete apology, and balked on pledging not to sponsor the event the following year, I called for a boycott. Five-and-a-half weeks later, Miller changed its mind and the boycott ended. For more information see pp. 1, 5-7 of the November issue of Catalyst, and pp. 1 and 4 of the December edition. We reach a wide audience, including all the nation’s bishops.

“It is my hope that you will do what you can to reverse this situation. Thank you for your consideration.”

To sign our online petition, click here.

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