On September 26, 2000, the House of Representatives voted on the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. The bill would require doctors to give babies born alive during botched abortions the same care offered other babies. The vote was 380 to 15. Of the 15 who voted no, meaning they would allow a baby to die untreated by a doctor, 7 of them either voted against a day of prayer and fasting or voted “present.” Here they are:

Representative + Party State  Religion 
Chaka Fatah (D) PA Baptist
Alcee Hastings (D) FL Methodist
Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D) IL Baptist
Barbara Lee (D) CA No Rel. Aff.
Nydia Velazquez (D) NY Catholic
Maxine Waters (D) CA Christian
Melvin Watt (D) NC Presbyterian
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