At yesterday’s press conference in New York, Catholic League president William Donohue outlined the league’s plan of action regarding the Al Gore Playboy Mansion fund-raiser scheduled for August 15. As part of that effort, the league has placed a half-page ad in today’s edition of the Washington D.C. publication, Roll Call. The ad is titled, “Catholic League to Gore: Cancel the Playboy Mansion Fund-Raiser.” The second prong of today’s protest involves the initiation of a “web war.” Donohue explained his strategy today:

“We are contacting all of our friends in the Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist communities to join with us in our protest of the Playboy Mansion fund-raiser scheduled for August 15; this is the Feast of the Assumption, a holy day of obligation for Catholics. We will post on our website,, the phone (202-456-1414) and fax (202-228-2424) numbers of Gore’s office, and his e-mail address ( We are asking all our allies to jam the lines at the White House and get the message across: we want Gore to cancel the ‘Gorgy.’

“This ‘web war’ is entirely Gore’s doing and no attempt by him to separate himself from this event will work. It is true that Rep. Loretta Sanchez, the vice chairman of the Democratic National Convention, organized the bash, but she was appointed by the vice president to this post and ultimately works with his approval. We will have more to say on this subject tomorrow.”

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