In an AP story today, Maria Meier, a spokeswoman for Al Gore, contends that the Playboy Mansion Democratic fund-raiser scheduled for August 15 is not controlled by the vice president.  However, the Washington Post reports today “The Gore campaign has threatened to revoke Rep. Loretta Sanchez’s convention privileges and party post if she does not cancel her reception at the Playboy Mansion next week.”   Indeed, Gore is “also contemplating not supporting Sanchez for reelection this fall.”

Catholic League president William Donohue said the league will not yield on this issue:

“If Vice President Al Gore has nothing to do with the Playboy Mansion fund-raiser, then why is Congressman Patrick Kennedy so upset with Gore about this?  Why is feminist activist and Democratic Convention platform committee member Gloria Allred so ticked off at Gore about this?  And why is Gore threatening to punish the event’s organizer, Rep. Loretta Sanchez? Because everyone knows that Gore appointed Sanchez to the post of vice chairman of the DNC.

“No amount of spin by Playboy can stop this event from exploding.  Playboy spokesman Bill Farley is trying to do just that by saying,  ‘The Playboy Mansion for a political event is not Sodom and Gomorrah.  It is in many respects like a five-star hotel.’  Oh, really, then why has Playboy founder Hugh Hefner been quoted as saying of the event, ‘I throw one hell of a party.  The Playboy mansion gives you permission to fulfill a lot of fantasies that wouldn’t be acceptable elsewhere.’  Exactly.  And no one ever confused the Playboy Mansion with Chuck E. Cheese.

“Once again, we are calling on Vice President Al Gore to cancel the ‘Gorgy.’  August 15, the day of the event, is a holy day of obligation for Catholics, the Feast of the Assumption.  And we are still waiting to hear from Senator Joseph Lieberman on this issue as well.  One thing’s for sure: the Catholic League is going to dog the Democrats on this issue.  We simply won’t let go.”

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