You will recall that last summer we did battle with the Connecticut education establishment over an assistant principal in the Greenwich Public Schools. Jeremy Boland was caught on tape admitting that he does not hire “hardcore Catholics,” and that is because they are “brainwashed.”

We immediately called upon school officials and lawmakers to deal with this issue with the utmost seriousness. An anti-Catholic bigot like Boland—the evidence is conclusive—does not belong on the public payroll in any capacity, much less as someone who hires school teachers and administrators.

Several investigations were launched, and we wrote to every person who was party to the probes. Some of the investigations are over; some are ongoing.

It was recently announced that Boland handed in his letter of resignation, effective June 30.

While we are pleased with this outcome, it is not enough. Will he be able to collect his pension? Will he be subjected to sanctions? Can he take another job in education? Would administrators who were shown to be bigots against other segments of the population be treated so lightly?

On another front, DirecTV has decided to reinstate Newsmax TV.

A dispute over the terms of their licensing agreement led DirecTV to drop Newsmax. At least that is what the carrier said. Newsmax contended that it was its conservative leanings that led to it being dropped.

Bill Donohue knows Chris Ruddy, the founder of Newsmax, and once the news broke on this story, he quickly rushed to his defense. Newsmax provides for diversity by allowing views not aired on most other cable TV channels.

Legions of others also came to Newsmax’s defense, putting pressure on DirecTV to settle this matter. Of the hundreds of VIPs who came to Ruddy’s defense, Donohue was the first to do so.

Both the Cos Cob case and the Newsmax case prove that those who treat our side unfairly can only be held accountable if we push back. There is no guarantee that we will win, but it is a sure bet that we will lose if we do nothing. Doing nothing is not the Catholic League way.

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