Last night’s episode of the Fox program, “Glee,” featured the character Finn as a Catholic priest, and Rachel as a nun (in provocative attire). They were shown singing “With You I’m Born Again.”

Catholic League president Bill Donohue noticed what’s going on:

Last week, “Glee” dealt with the subject of religion, though only Christianity was mocked, especially Catholicism; the atheist gay kid came out on top. This week, according to a review in, there was another “emotional episode about religion,” one in which Finn and Rachel were in a duet competition “wearing a super inappropriate costume set.”

Actually, neither episode was about religion, in general: both were about Catholicism, and both were meant to mock. Why not admit it?

Why do the writers and producers of “Glee” loathe diversity? Why aren’t they more “inclusive” (as they love to say) and choose Muslim characters? Just think of all the fun they could have with an imam and a Muslim woman performing a silly duet “wearing a super inappropriate costume set”!

Please send your ideas regarding a script that promotes diversity and inclusion to Gaude Lydia Paez, VP for Fox Communications:

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