A homosexual organization known as GLAAD recently issued a guidebook called “The Papal Visit.”

There is nothing Catholic about GLAAD, but there is something anti-Catholic about it. That’s what makes its release of a papal guidebook for journalists so perverse. It has a history of applauding anti-Catholic plays and movies, and it loves to condemn Catholics who defend the Church. That GLAAD officials never forget to name Bill Donohue speaks well for both of them. They have even sought to ban Donohue from TV. But that hasn’t worked out too well for them.

GLAAD is not a liberal homosexual group: it is a left-wing activist one. What disqualifies it as a liberal entity is its commitment to mind control. To be explicit, it is a member of the language police.

The papal guidebook instructs journalists who will cover the pope’s visit this month not to use terms such as “the Church”; “homosexual”; “gay lifestyle”; and “homosexual lifestyle.” It doesn’t like “the Church” because that puts the bishops above the laity (they are). It doesn’t like the word “homosexual,” which explains why Donohue likes it. It doesn’t like the term “gay lifestyle.” Donohue agrees: ACT-UP founder Larry Kramer said it would be more accurate to call it a “deathstyle.”

GLAAD officials are also offended by words such as “deviant” and “disordered.” Too bad they never took Introduction to Sociology: the study of deviant behavior is a long-standing area of research. “Disordered” is the word used by the Catholic Catechism to describe the homosexual condition; it makes sense once we understand that men and women are naturally ordered toward each other (otherwise the human race would cease to exist). For reasons that are self-evident, GLAAD also objects to words such as “immoral” and “sinful.”

The papal guidebook lists eight lay Catholics who the media should beware of. As Donohue said, it speaks well for both of them that they never forget him. Good work, boys.

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