After Bill Donohue appeared on the “Today” show on October 13, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) went bonkers. Its president, Neil G. Giuliano called Donohue’s comments about the role of homosexuals in the sexual abuse scandal “baseless, defamatory [and] calculated to fuel anti-gay sentiment.” He provided no evidence to support his baseless charge.

During the interview, Donohue cited the John Jay Report that was commissioned by the bishops on this subject. The scholars found that the vast majority of the boys who were molested were postpubescent, meaning that they were the victims of homosexual behavior. Therefore, GLAAD is wrong to cry discrimination—they are only compounding the problem by lying about the role of gays in the scandal.

GLAAD also posted on its website an alert asking its members to e-mail the “Today” show demanding that Donohue not be invited back on the show. We’re glad that GLAAD isn’t happy about the show.

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