Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the religious-themed fashions that Givenchy is presenting for its Fall/Winter 2010 collection:

It’s not everyday that “Ave Maria” is played at a fashion show, but then again La Sorbonne is not an ordinary venue. The music was fitting given that Givenchy decided to wax religious: the 25 male models wore clothes and accessories that were a showcase of Christian symbols. All but one were inoffensive.

Catholicism was obviously on the mind of designer Riccardo Tisci when he crafted his “JESUS IS LORD” T-Shirts, monastic hoods, clerical shirts, patent leather sandals and the like. While they were a little cheeky, they were still done in good taste. What crossed the line, however, were his gold-colored crown of thorns necklaces. It was disturbing enough to see pictures of men wearing this item over a shirt, but to feature a bare-chested model donning it was contemptible.

There is a difference between being edgy and being obnoxious: the Crown of Thorns that Jesus wore is a very serious statement in Christianity, and it is not fair game to trivialize its meaning.

We will ask Givenchy to pull the necklace immediately.

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