Ex-Spice Girl Geri (“Ginger Spice”) Halliwell landed in the Philippines in June advocating condom use and “safe sex.” Saying that it was “everybody’s fundamental right” to use condoms, Halliwell made her remarks on the first day of her tour as United Nations goodwill ambassador. She was criticized by officials of the Catholic Church for doing so.

The Catholic League response, which led to national TV coverage, was as follows:

“Couldn’t the U.N. have chosen someone with better credentials than Ginger Spice to do their bidding? Halliwell brings to the table nothing but problems.

“In her latest solo video, ‘Look at Me,’ Halliwell mocks Catholicism by appearing as a nun. Now she chooses a Catholic non-white minority nation to lecture them on why the world has too many people. Why doesn’t she dress as a princess and peddle her message at home?

“From Margaret Sanger to Ginger Spice, the population-control movement has been characterized by troubled persons who have an animus against Catholicism and an aversion to non-whites. That such bigotry is celebrated by the United Nations brings shame to the world body.

“Ginger should do us all a favor and butt out. Even Ted Turner has to feel cheated knowing she’s on his team.”

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