Catholic League president William Donohue commented today on the slanderous attack by against Catholics:

“The PAC arm of, the Internet-based organization funded by George Soros, made a despicable statement on its website yesterday against the pope and American Roman Catholics (it has since been removed).  As part of its campaign protesting Republican efforts to change the filibuster rules governing federal court appointees, posted a picture of a smiling Pope Benedict XVI holding a gavel outside the U.S. Supreme Court.  Above the picture was the following inscription:

God Already has a Job.…

He does not need one on the Supreme Court

Protect the Supreme Court Rules

“So this is the way George Soros operates.  Of all the anti-Catholic canards ever expounded in American history, none is more infamous than the one that accuses the Vatican of steering U.S. public policy.  And this is exactly what Soros is doing now.  Simply because Catholics and Protestants have come together to protest de facto discrimination against Christian pro-life judges by some Democrats, Soros thinks he has a right to fan the flames of anti-Catholic bigotry.

“When I joined with evangelicals last month in the ‘Justice Sunday’ rally, a reporter asked me why I would join hands with some who have expressed sharp disagreement with Catholicism.  I said as long as the tone is civil and the discord is confined to theological matters, I have no problem forging an alliance in the culture war.  Indeed, the latest attack by Soros shows that my decision to participate in ‘Justice Sunday’ was the right one.  It is not evangelicals who worry Catholics—it is fat-cat, left-wing bigots like George Soros who concern us.”

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