In the trailer to a Universal movie, “The Dilemma,” there is a scene where actor Vince Vaughn’s character says, “Ladies and Gentlemen, electric cars are so gay.” After some complaints, Universal has decided to pull the trailer and may delete this scene altogether from the film.

Catholic League president Bill Donohue responds as follows:

Earlier today we learned from that the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), as well as gay studio executives and gays in the marketing department at Universal, not only did not object to the scene in question, “everyone had a positive response.” But ever since Anderson Cooper complained about it on Ellen DeGeneres’ show, things apparently changed. Now it is being reported by Yahoo! Movies that GLAAD was upset all along.

We know one thing for sure. The heightened sensitivity in Hollywood over rubbing homosexuals the wrong way is at an all-time high. Catholics, of course, can be trashed all day long, and those who are offended are told to get over it. The hypocrisy runs deep.

Last Friday, Rich Sanchez was fired for making fun of the notion that Jews are an oppressed minority, and this Friday Universal nixes a scene where the word “gay” is used flippantly. Don’t look for anyone in Hollywood to get the pink slip next Friday for offending Catholics. Likewise, don’t expect to read about a scene being cut from a show because it may offend Catholics.

There are protected demographic groups in society, and people of faith, save for Muslims, are not among them.

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