Homosexuals unhappy with election results rejecting gay marriage bashed the five groups most responsible for their loss: African Americans, Roman Catholics, Evangelical Protestants, Latinos and Mormons. No group was hit harder than Mormons. Here is a sample of their behavior:

· Protesters in many California cities took to the streets snarling traffic and endangering public safety

· Houses and cars were vandalized

· Mormons who removed offensive signs from their property were beaten

· “Mormon scum” was shouted at worshippers

· Latinos carrying pro-marriage signs were assaulted

· An elderly woman was roughed up and the cross she was carrying was smashed to the ground

· “Bigots Live Here” was scrawled on a Christian church

· The Book of Mormon was set on fire in a Mormon chapel

· Catholic churches were trashed and swastikas were placed on their lawns

· African Americans were called the “N-word”

· Rioting protesters shouted “Separation of Church and Hate”

· Supporters of traditional marriage were called “Nazis”

· A white substance, resembling anthrax, was sent to the Knights of Columbus and to Mormon temples

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